Invited speakers


Wind Energy Science Conference 2017

Henrik Stiesdal. A short biography can be found here











The Impact of Research on Cost Reductions in Wind Power


The cost of wind energy has declined by an order of magnitude since the modern industry’s beginnings at the end of the 1970s. As a result, wind energy is increasingly becoming one of the most affordable forms of electricity today.


A wide range of factors have contributed to the cost reductions, including improved resource estimation methods, rapid advances in turbine technology, size effects, industrialization, improved financing arrangements, etc. Some of these factors are the direct result of research, others are not really related to research but reflect overall maturity and general upsides arising out of critical mass.


A review of the relative impact of research on the cost reduction leading up to the present-day cost levels will be presented. The review will be supplemented with recommendations for how research can be focused to maintain and possibly even improve impact on future cost reductions.


The presentation by Henrik Stiesdal can be found here


The Lean Mindset presentation can be found here


Frede Blaabjerg. A short biography can be found here











Wind Power – A technology enabled by power electronics


The steady growth of the installed wind power together with the up-scaling of the single wind turbine power capability - +8 MW’s are announced by manufacturers, has pushed the research and development of power converters towards full scale power conversion, lower cost pr kW/kEh, higher power density and need for higher reliability. Substantial efforts are carried out to comply with the more stringent grid codes, especially grid faults ride-through and reactive power injection, which challenges the power converter topologies, because the need for crowbar protection and/or power converter over-rating has been seen in the past in the case of a doubly-fed induction generator. The presentation will first give a technology overview in the wind turbine technology itself. Next, power converter technologies are reviewed with focus on single/multi-cell power converter topologies – also configures in a park configuration. - discussions on the Low Voltage Ride Through demand to power converter are done supplemented with a discussion on component and system reliability. Finally, future trends seen from an electrical perspective will be outlined.


The presentation by Frede Blaabjerg can be found here