Wind Energy Science Conference 2017

Topics covered at the conference:

Aerodynamics and noise

Wind and turbulence

Wind resource assessment

Wind farms and wakes

Aero-servo-elasticity, loads and structures

Composites and metals - processing properties and applications

Turbine plant control

Operation, maintenance and reliability

Measurement, monitoring and testing

Offshore wind energy

Drive trains and generator technology

New concepts and configurations

Integration in the energy system

Storage techniques

Protection systems for wind turbines or plants

Wind energy in cold climates

Community acceptance

Environmental impact of wind energy

Socio-economic aspects of wind energy

Business models for wind power development


Mini-symposia and side-events

During the conference there will be a series of mini-symposia and side-events. A mini-symposium is a special session which consists of a number of coordinated presentations on a selected topic of substantial current interest and importance in wind energy.


Invited Keynote Lectures

Some of the presentations will be given by invited experts from both academia and industry. The names of the experts will be announced later.